Bubbles for Christmas

‘I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I’m in love and when I’m not’ Coco Chanel

Whether you are in love or not, we have some great Christmas bubbles ready to deliver to your door.  Champagnes and sparkling wines are perceived as the wine of happiness and celebration.  They are even credited for improving memory and boosting happiness so it is a win win!

You don’t need an excuse to pop the cork however, a bottle of bubbly is welcome on any occasion. How to open a bottle of champagne is the question.  As it goes hand in hand with a celebration, the temptation is to let the cork fly and shower a bit of bubbly.  By all means, if you are celebrating a sporting victory but preferably not the way to open a good bottle of Champagne.  The pressure can be enough to cause serious injury especially, if it hits you in the eye and then why waste the precious contents by spraying it all over the floor! Remember, turn the bottle and not the cork and keep your thumb on top to prevent it from popping.

A few interesting Champagne facts!

Champagne was said to be invented by a Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, in 1697.

300 million bottles of Champagne are produced every year.

The most expensive bottle of Champagne cost £2.07million.

A standard bottle of Champagne contains 49 million bubbles.

A champagne cork can reach 28.9 miles per hour when popped.

The longest recorded Champagne cork flight is about 177 feet.

Winston Churchill had champagne every day at 11am.

We have three recommendations for you for the festive season:

Prosecco, Le Dolci Colline – A delicious Prosecco at £10.95, which is just perfect on its own or to make ‘champagne’ cocktails.

Blanquette de Limoux, Domaine Laurens – a bargain at £15.90 and made in the ‘methode champenoise’ .

Finally Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Champagne priced at £33.50.  Champagne is made of three grapes and this is one of the rare blends that has a third of each variety in the ‘cuvée’. This is one of the best value Champagnes on the market and perfect for Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas from Vine Wine!